Sybil Whitworth  Leicester UK
Breeder Of Usual, Sorrel, Blue and Fawn  Abyssinians
Tel: 01162 413179
Abyssinian Cat Breeder
Updated: Nov.  2012
To enquire about the availability of the new Kittens or if you have any questions concerning
                       Abyssinian Cats, please contact me and I will be happy to help                                                                     
My kittens are brought up in the home as part of the famly and well socialised with all the day to day noises in the home, making them confident outgoing kittens, with their own unique Aby personalities . They are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and leave with a 5-generation pedigree and 4 weeks' Petplan kitten insurance.
They are vaccinated, wormed, litter trained and leave with a positive health check from the vet.
If you wish to reserve a kitten, please contact me.

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My dear little Terrorist died after a short illness and will be most dearly missed

                                                   26.07.06 to 10.09.12
My very busy little Aby died suddenly on her 11 birthday.

                            30.01.01 to 30.01.12